Speak the Hell UP — ‘Silent Majority’

free-speech-zoneFor longer than I can recall, I have had a reputation as someone that will freely speak her mind.  After too many dinner parties with friends, family and strangers, where mouths sometimes fall agape when I say what I honestly believe; hopefully followed by back and forth banter that has been known to escalate in volume, I realize that I am an enigma.  I live for a debate and relish the opportunity to try and understand why others believe differently than me, or worse are indifferent when discussing events current and past.  I know exactly what I’m doing and usually have a small grin on my face when casting the first comment then waiting to see if anyone will bite.  Talking politics, religion, sex or whatever the topic has never felt taboo to me but I see daily where it is to so many.  For those that are uncomfortable with breaching serious topics with others, YOU are whom I am hoping to reach.  With evil rapidly proliferating around the world and in our own country, I realize that my opinions alone at a silly dinner party are not enough.

The term “The Silent Majority” has been used for many years in reference to a large group of Americans that go along their daily lives, working, paying taxes, seeking higher education, taking their kids to school, cooking dinner; while enjoying the beautiful life and freedom that this country allows.   Unfortunately this silent majority rarely gets directly involved in politics at a national or local level, expecting someone else will do it for them and voice their beliefs.  You know who you are.  The fear of saying something wrong, offending someone, or sounding politically incorrect or ‘uncool’ has turned you mute.  The possibility of being verbally attacked for standing up for what you believe has reversed your natural instincts and turned many would be butterflies into caterpillars wrapped in a cocoon of safety.  News flash, you are safe no more!  We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and trusting that someone else will do the work for us.  YOU ARE NEEDED before it’s too late!  The world, this great nation, our kids and their kids desperately need all of us to defend them and protect their future.

For the love of God, stand up for what you believe!  Talk about what you see as wrong in this world, educate your friends and family, especially the young adults that you know, and inspire them to do the same with their friends.  Use your Social Media!  Post on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube; and support those posts from the brave people that are willing to stand for something.  Stop worrying about hurt feelings or the fear of sounding rude as that is often a tactic used to keep you in submission; so don’t fall for it.

This is an all-hands-on-deck situation and we need to do everything in our power to save our nation and our world before it is too late.  History has taught us that being passive and simply believing good will prevail over evil, while the trains are pulling up to our homes to load us up and cart us off, is a losing strategy with devastating consequences.  Speak up, and you will be amazed at how many people agree with you, which in turn may reflect in their voting and their actions in the community.  Pass this message on to others so that our cause can grow and prevail for the betterment of us all.

Find your voice, spread your wings and be silent no more!

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