Liberals Hate America

obama kerryYes, I said it!…Now I know this title gets many of you out there in a dither, but I have been searching to dispute this claim, not for Democrats, but for myself,  simply to give me some internal peace as an American. 

For those Democrats that are not all worked up after that opening line, and honestly say that America is a bad place, I reply; “What the hell are you still doing here?”  If I hated a mate, a house, a job, a country; the only thing that you would see is my behind flying off to a somewhere that fit my beliefs and lifestyle better.  For those honest Democrats, America frees you to go find your happy place.

For those Democrats that are outraged by this title and are thinking; “I don’t hate America, America is a great, BUT…”  It is that “BUT” that says ohhh so much.  For example; when you love something, maybe a child, you don’t say; “Little Johnny is great, BUT,,, he wet the bed last week, But,,,he hit his sister two years ago, But,,,he refuses to eat his peas when I tell him to, etc.  When you love something; a child, a spouse, a job, a car, your home, whatever you admire or have loving feelings for; praise is what comes out of your mouth.  When a “BUT” follows, the listener knows that you have a negative feeling about to follow up your initial positive statement, which discounts what you initially said.  Your true feelings are revealed because when you honestly “love” something, what comes out of your mouth is always positive and followed with a “PERIOD.” 

It is very hard to find a Democrat on Capitol Hill or in the white house that stands tall and proudly says; 

“All of us living in the Great Nation should thank their lucky stars!  This country that has given us the opportunity (if we choose to take it) to build our lives, live in peace, and strive to reach our dreams.  This country that has done so much to free people globally, regardless of color, religion, sexual leanings or gender.  This country stands for good when we see so much evil, and when we rise to squelch such evil, we then rebuild and protect other lands, not for us but for them.”   

Oh how I long to hear a Democrat say these things, PERIOD. 

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