The “Flexibility” Between Barry and Vlad

Obama MedvedevWith the current Russia invasion of Ukraine, it makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes with Barry and Vladimir.  Does anyone else get a little shiver when thinking back to the secret whisper and the way Obama put his hand on Medvedev’s leg as a reassurance of closeness and trust while discussing the missile defense program?

Could the media please give the missing 777 a rest for just a minute or two, well at least until you know something, and focus on the issues in the Ukraine.  Would one reporter with a “set”, ask Obama what was meant when he said that he would have more flexibility after the election?

Now I understand that historic events like shopping for a pink sweater at The Gap, splashing around while on vacation, or Obama’s current handicap on the green all take precedence; however it would be nice if you would simply ask one or two questions about his relationship with Putin and what was meant by “more flexibility” during that intimate touchy-feely meeting.


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