Hey Wolf, O’Riely, Brian; Where are They?

BenghaziWHERE IS Nakoula Basseley Nakoula?  Just in case our outstanding news media has not made this name familiar to you; Mr. Nakoula is the producer of the film that Obama and Hillary blamed for stirring violence that led to an attack on our embassy in Benghazi Libya.  We have since learned from testimony on Capitol Hill, that this accusation was a LIE put forward by the current administration.  So the question is; where is he, and if he is still imprisoned, when will he be freed?  Can anyone tell us if his life has been ruined or put at risk after our Government outed him for making an anti-extremist Muslim film?  Can we hear anything about this man?

WHERE ARE the Benghazi survivors?  Were they on the Malaysian aircraft that is presently lost in outer space?  If not, please explain to all of us living in this country that currently still has “freedom of the press”, where they are.  We are told that somewhere between 7 and 30 were injured and a few are still at Walter Reed.  John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama state that they have no idea when we will be able to hear from these people or when the names will be released.

Now I know not everyone wants to hear this, and many may say; “What difference at this point does it make?”  However, we must all stop momentarily with the right and left loyalties and honestly ask ourselves the following:

When this government is attacking and arresting an American because a scapegoat is needed due to an impending election; And this government is silencing Americans that are eye witnesses to, and survived this extremely important and tragic even;  What will stop that same government from imprisoning any of us or silencing our voices to forward their own agenda? 

 Can any of the mega star “News Journalist” that are being paid beacoup bucks for doing their jobs please tell us?  WHERE IS HE?  WHERE ARE THEY? 



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