Immigration and Jobs Americans “Won’t Do”?

statue of libertyWe keep hearing that there are simply jobs that Americans won’t do.  This is why we have to allow everyone in our borders (like no other country on the planet) and allow them to stay as long as they like.  They can use our schools, our hospitals, get drivers licenses, apply for assistance and of course vote for Democrats.  Well I take exception to this theory.  There are not Jobs that Americans won’t do; there are jobs that Americans don’t have to do.  Yes with our constant Welfare state, no one has to do anything that they don’t want to do.  Isn’t that lovely!  I didn’t feel like baby sitting or cleaning houses or washing dishes or waiting tables or whatever, but guess what, I have done them all.  I did not do them forever but I did them to feed and clothe myself. 

Where did the concept of “You have to LOVE your job” come from?  Seriously people, do you think a plumber LOVES his job when he is cleaning crap out of a pipe?  Do you think an exterminator LOVES crawling under houses with rats and black widow spiders just so he can make a buck?  Even the best of jobs can get pretty mundane or grueling at times but those of us with a work ethic, keep our heads down, and do our jobs just so we can be rewarded with a paycheck when the job is done.  After working for more years than I care to count, it is still a great feeling of pride when that biweekly check is slapped into my hand.  Remember it is called “A JOB” not “A FUN”, so get to work and enjoy your weekends.

Step one:  Lock up the Borders  

Yes it can be done.  If we are bringing our troops home from protecting other countries borders, then we can simply put them on our borders, fence or no fence.  Democrats will go for this idea if we simply tell them that we are doing this to protect bordering countries from America.

Step Two: Stop the Lifetime Welfare State

With the exception of senior citizens and the disabled, strictly limit unemployment and food stamp assistance to 8 weeks.  Currently we are paying people not to work.  How are unemployment figures going to come down while we continue this behavior?  When the checks stop, trust me, people will do the jobs that need to be done.  Benjamin Franklin said; “The best way to help the poor is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty.”   This reminds me of when I was a child and wanted a new pair of shoes, but I didn’t want to do my chores, so as a result, my mother did not buy me those shoes.  She was not mean, heartless, or even racist; she was teaching me to be responsible for my future.

Step Three:  A New “New Deal” but No New Taxes  

Have you seen the beautiful Hoover Dam?  Well FDR used our unemployed and the poorest among us for this project and many others, and the workers were paid with a government check.  We keep hearing that we need to spend more money on our infrastructure so why not use our huge labor force that cannot find a job and that we are already paying.  They can work on roads, bridges, dams, cleaning park, etc.

Let’s limit the “free” government checks to 8 weeks.  When the checks stops coming to the recipient, if they have not found a job, they come back into the welfare office to sign up a second time and they are assigned to a work project to earn their pay.  They are paid minimum wage, with food stamps and a welfare check.  These are temporary welfare jobs with no option for wage growth because we do not want people stuck in the system and we do not want to grow the government.  This opportunity to work for pay, not only teaches the people the work ethic, self value, and independence, it also teaches them new skills that they can take to the private sector.


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