A Liberal Media Challenge

ReporterFirst let me say; Congratulations media, you can do your job!  We were all shocked to see that when the “Christie Delayed Traffic Jam Scandal” broke, you all swooped down and demanded answers.  Now that you are all patting yourselves on the backs and air smacking high fives, you have again revealed a mind numbing blatant hypocrisy that cannot be ignored. 

Republicans, it is way past due for a Mass Liberal Media Challenge.  Are you listening GOP?  We have been shown how capable the media is so PUH-LEEZE speak up and demand the same attention from them for all of these true scandals. 

  • The IRS Scandal.  And now Obama has appointed an Obama campaign contributor, Barbara Bosserman to lead the investigation  – Americans Targeted
  • The NSA Scandal – Americans Targeted
  • The Benghazi Scandal – Americans Died
  • The ACA ( Obamacare) and how it is hurting Americans and Doctors Scandal – Americans Targeted and Americans will Die
  • The wasted money spent on implementing Obamacare Scandal – Americans Targeted
  • The Fast and Furious Scandal – Americans Died
  • The Gates Gate Scandal – Obama’s Incompetence Revealed and American Soldiers Died
  • The Obama administration suing states for protecting their borders and upholding federal law Scandal – States Targeted and Americans Died
  • The Obama administration suing states for insuring that every citizen’s vote is protected with identification Scandal – States Targeted and Americans Targeted

 Every reporter asking Republicans about Christie should be met with this reply; “I would love to talk about the Christie Bridge Gate Scandal but first let’s talk about (refer to above list)”.  Also feel free to CHALLENGE the reporter or Democrat by asking, why they have not shown the same gusto with these other scandals, or why a Governor gets more intensity from them than the President of the United States.

In closing, we do not care if you consider yourself Conservative, Tea Party, Establishment, Rino, or whatever; defend Chris Christie.  If you allow the opposition (Democrats and the media) to start picking us off, one by one, then YOU could be next.  Unite behind fellow Republicans.



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