Global Warming Deniers Freed from Ice

global warming shipYAY!  All were saved off of the ship that has been stuck in ice since Christmas Eve while out trying to prove that the ice is melting due to Global Warming. hahaha  Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up.

Dear Media,  Please speak out against this “Man Made Global Warming Hoax” that was concocted by charlatans like Al Gore, simply to implement an EXTREME LIBERAL agenda, while taking more money from the average working American.  Please explain that the climate has cooled and heated since the beginning of time with our without man and his use of fossil fuels.

In the old days this was called “the weather” and we used run under the sprinklers in the summer and put on a sweater in the winter.  These solutions were reached without a single scientist stranded in a frozen tundra, and without a single taxpayer dollar wasted.

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