Three Branches 101

Yesterday Rep. Paul Ryan said; “We are going to have to win the Whitehouse and Senate to truly fix this country’s fiscal problems, because I don’t think that this Whitehouse and this Senate are willing and able to do it.”

Did you hear how he did not say “Congress”?  He put the blame on the Executive Branch and the Senate as they are responsible for not “reaching across the aisle” and fixing our fiscal issues.  Please Republicans follow his lead and always refer to the “WHITEHOUSE and SENATE” instead of “Congress”.  The more the Democrats and mainstream Media say “Congress”, the more the Republican Congress’s ratings plummet.  This is a ploy people because many voters do not understand that “Congress” consists of two parts, the House or Congress and Senate.  Take heed and do as Paul did.  The Whitehouse and Senate are obstructionists when it comes to fixing our problems.  Separate the branches when speaking of our government; Executive, Judicial, Legislative (House and Senate).


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