America’s 9/11 Hero Jailed in Pakistan

dr afridi

Please Republican Politicians, grab onto this story, yell from the rooftops!  Obama needs to stop sending our money to Pakistan while this man suffers for our justice.

                                            AMERICAS 9/11 HERO JAILED IN PAKISTAN

Congrats Obama, “You” got Bin Laden!  Really?  Well that is what we are told by the mass media and that is what the drone Liberals eat up like cotton candy.  We hear what an amazing stud President Obama is for getting Bin laden, and how beautiful it was that BL was respectfully buried at sea, so as not to upset the Muslims around the world…Really?  I’m sorry but that needed another “Really?”.

Don’t you remember?  Obama flew a jet to “POCK-E-STON”, and it was he who parachuted in through the darkness of night.  Then with a knife clinched in his teeth and an assault weapon strapped to his hip, he crawled on his belly to the BL house, busted the door down and put a bullet into the eye of BL; the wound we were not allowed to see, with a gun that we are not allowed to have.  This is how the story goes in the mind of the liberal, however, let’s be honest.  The brave Navy Seals got Bin Laden with the help of Dr. Shakeel Afridi.  Without his assistance, Obama’s got nothing

Do you hear Obama talking about this hero?  Do you hear Obama talking about why before getting BL, Dr. Shakeel Afridi and his family were not flown to America for their protection?  Do you see Obama dressing this man with awards and ribbons, allowing him to live peacefully in America as the true hero?  Sadly, this does not happen, but I imagine that if Obama’s illegal immigrant Aunt and Uncle can stay here, there may just be room for the Afridi family. 

So where is this wonderful Doctor that gave our country justice for the attacks on 9/11 and gave Obama his “Victory Lap”?   He is imprisoned and being tortured, in a country where he is not a hero and where I am sure he fears for the safety of his family daily.

Republicans, RNC and Media; Point out how this will affect our safety globally as individuals will be fearful to assist America in the future.

Ask Democrats why Obama did not protect this man?  Why when leaving the country with the corpse of bin Laden, Dr. Afridi and his family were not on board?  This should have been asked by Romney.  Don’t ask me why it wasn’t.

Link Dr. Afridi:


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