The Obamacare Affect

Politicians, the RNC, and conservative pendants, please be relentless in speaking out against Obamacare.  ALL Republicans need to have the same REPLACEMENT PLAN at hand.  When asked what Republicans would do, be READY, be FIRM, be UNIFIED.  Don’t hem and haw about what we might do, be prepared NOW!

We Should:

  • Have a unified “Republican Healthcare Plan” replacement for Obamacare.  This means one sensible, effective and united plan.
  • Describe the plan in plain language when being asked, then possibly present the printed plan to the interviewer and reference a website where Americans can go to read it.

Speak out against Americans being hurt by Obamacare DAILY.  Talk about:

  • How much taxpayer money has been wasted on the useless website?
  • How much money has been spent on all of Obamacare to date.
  • How much more it will really cost in contrast to what Obama said it would cost when he was campaigning.
  • How many people have already had their insurance canceled and how many more will be canceled when the business tax kicks in next year.
  • Americans are losing their insurance, losing their doctors, losing their hospitals, and losing their full time jobs.
  • Enlighten Senior Citizens about how Obamacare targets them and diminishes the quality of their healthcare.  From rewarding hospitals for spending the least amount on senior patients, to taxing medical device, and yes even Death Panels (now this has been proven to be true).  They are calling the “Death Panels”, “Rationing Boards” and they decide which patient is privilaged enough to get the treatment needed.
  • When you hear the same old talking points, “Americans like Obamacare because their 26 year old ‘child’ can stay on their parents insurance.”  You may want to reply; “That applies only if their parents have not been kicked off of their insurance due to Obamacare.”

Another point;  Calling a 26 year old adult, a child, says a lot about why our country now faces so many problems.


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