The Nuclear Option, Really?


I know it’s hard to believe that they don’t play nicely, but seriously, all Republicans in power need to put your Big Boy Pants on and FIGHT!  If you don’t UNITE and stand strong against this liberal agenda and their tactics, this entire country and her citizens are doomed.

Speak out against this Nuclear Option!  Let the People know what this means.  EDUCATE the public!

  • Harry Reid’s outrageous move to invoke “The Nuclear Option”  changed a rule that has been honored by both parties for more than 200 years, which only proves that he continues to refuse to work with the Republicans
  • Harry Reid and Barack Obama have been the OBSTRUCTIONISTS!  Reference how many bills Congress put forward that Harry Reid blocked and would not even allow the Senate to vote on.
  • Talk about how the nuclear option proves that Emperor Obama and his hit man Harry Reid never intended to work with Republicans and Obama’s entire modus operandi continues to be that of a dictator.
  • Republicans, stop saying “We need to reach across the aisle”, or “We need to compromise”.  The only time a Democrat will reach across the aisle is to stab you in the back.
  • GET LOUD Republicans and stand up for yourselves, don’t react, LEAD!

INTERESTING FACT:Why doesn’t the GOP point out the fact that Harry Reid’s longtime friend and lobbyist buddy Harvey Whittemore, was just convicted and sent to prison for funneling illegal campaign contributions to Senator Harry Reid.


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