The Voters Basics



Think broader than simply one issue.  At our core, we believe that a strong economy strengthened with capitalism and individual freedom, is what will give this country and her citizens the opportunities to forward all of our individual beliefs.  If we reject our candidate because of one or two issues that we will not budge on, well then congratulations, we are throwing the entire country away for our pride or ego; not a good overall victory plan.  We must look at the alternative, that being the Democrat leadership, and honestly decide if that one issue is worth relinquishing total power and our country again.  These are very important times for us so let’s focus on winning first, and then work on our individual agendas with our local representatives.  Remember a republican may vote with the democrats now and then, but a democrat will ALWAYS vote with the democrats.  United we stand divided we fall.



We need to Stop Attacking Candidates who have one or two ideas that we are not in line with.  OK now listen my Peeps, There is NO perfect candidate.”  Got it?  Please sit on that for a moment and let it soak in.  Many “Conservative” Republicans today would have torn apart Ronald Reagan, or would have stayed home like pouting children while refusing to vote for him.  Once we get our nominee, we ALL need to support that person.  You know what they say “Those that can, do, and those that can’t Bitch about those that do”.  Well I don’t know if that is exactly what they say but be aware that our candidates, no matter who they are, they are better than a socialist and that is the entire new democrat party.  Just be on the side of our candidates.

Note:   I have a hard time with too with those that like to play “Maverick” just for camera time and liberal media accolades, but we need to try to unite.



Stop Segregating Our Party into groups; i.e. Rino’s, Conservatives, Establishment, Tea Party, etc.  The amazing thing is that the Democrat leaders never separate on issues and they never attack each other.  They may be voicing their differences behind closed door but they do not air their laundry in public.  Then in the end the Democrat voters all unite behind their one candidate.  Republicans need to learn from this and unite as one if we want to win.  “A house divided against its self will not stand”. – A. Lincoln



Volunteer to help the Republican nominees by visiting your local RNC office.  Do not sit at home and complain while others are doing their part to help insure a victory.  GET INVOLVED!





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