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Unite To Win

Republicans, stop separating us, i.e., Conservative, RINO, Establishment, Tea Party, etc.   Whatever the nomenclature you want to use to describe yourself, like it or not, there are only two parties in play; the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. As voters, we need to stop picking our party apart due to hair color, boxers or briefs, the… Read More »

Income Inequality Empowers Who?

“ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”; so the Declaration of Independence says.  And I totally agree with this statement.  The Creator creates us equally in the womb; however life experiences and most importantly, how we confront and react to these experiences determine our individual outcomes.  Does the government feel that they need to get involved with… Read More »

The Scorned Lover

The Liberal retort, “Well they all do that.” I have noticed that when talking to a liberal, if you point out something indefensible that a Democrat politician has done, they will say, “Well, they all do that.”  I hear it all the time.  I have never been able to understand why they can’t simply admit that… Read More »

Voters Speak to the Youth

Share your knowledge with your children and any young adults in your life.  They may not  understand the gravity of government power or how their future will be affected if their choices and their freedoms are slowly taken away.  If you don’t teach them, who will?   TEACH THE FOLLOWING:  What self reliance means. Republicans are for lower… Read More »

The Voters Basics

VOTERS 1.   STOP BEING A ONE ISSUE VOTER Think broader than simply one issue.  At our core, we believe that a strong economy strengthened with capitalism and individual freedom, is what will give this country and her citizens the opportunities to forward all of our individual beliefs.  If we reject our candidate because of one… Read More »